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   All houses in which men have lived and died,are haunted houses;Through the open doors,the harmless phantoms on their errands glide;with feet that make no sound upon the floors  - LONGFELLOW


 When darkness falls.... upon our humble abodes,who knows what happens when we are not looking,when we are not at home,while we are asleep....the silent whispers we cannot always hear,the phantom music,the footsteps upon the staircase...the cold breeze that plays upon your skin....when the only sound is that of a ticking clock...was that a scurrying mouse, maybe in the kitchen larder?The fleeting glimpse of a shadow behind you in the looking glass?Was it all only your imagination?

  WELL WE INTEND TO FIND OUT! We want to peel back all the layers and leave no stones unturned....


  Here you will find details of haunted locations on the Isle of

Wight,ghostly tales,pictures and  other paranormal info,so please

 feel free to email us with any ghostly sightings or photographs you

may have for inclusion on this site, please send



  Shadows of the Wight aim to gather information and true accounts

 of real ghost sightings on  the Isle of Wight,both past and present

  We aim to undertake serious investigations of haunted locations

and properties,on the Island and are determined to prove,beyond all

 reasonable doubt, to everyone interested,that death, is NOT,

necessarily the end.


This is an image of a lady captured on film at Batchelor's Grove cemetery in Chicago 1991,it was taken using an infra-red camera,there has been numerous attempts to photograph this tombstone again,but none have managed to capture this stunning picture of this peaceful lady,there was no other person present when this was taken,this is one of our favourite ghost              pictures,and as of yet has not been proved fake!


 Please Note ~This is a non~profit making site and its purpose is to feature paranormal happenings on the Isle of Wight.It is also to link fellow ghosthunters who want to share their information and experiences about the paranormal.

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  Uncover the secrets that are shrouded by the mists of time....

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